Technology Enhanced Learning for Design & Technology Education

I set this blog up as a repository of useful strategies and approaches to technology enhanced learning for the design and technology education community.

My aim is to build the resource into a one stop shop for teachers and learners who want to find out more about how educational technologies can be used to support all aspects of teaching and learning.

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So what exactly is Technology Enhanced Learning….?

Using technology to enhance teaching and learning is not a new idea, but it continues to develop rapidly. Put concisely it could be described as enhancing learning, teaching and assessment through the use of technology, or perhaps the convergence of emerging digital technologies and learning.

Rapid developments in digital information and communication technologies combined with their increased availability and ease of use, has led to an enormous growth in the potential of technology enhanced learning to provide high quality and challenging learning experiences for students.

Technology enhanced learning can…..

  • provide learning opportunities that are unconstrained by timeframes or location
  • support wider and more relevant learning experiences
  • facilitate development and delivery of personalised, dynamic learning content
  • provide opportunities for students to take greater control of their own learning
  • support students’ capability to live, learn and work in the digital age
  • enable students to engage with learning materials in ways that suit personal learning styles


Here’s a stab at mapping out how some of the ever growing learning technologies can support the various aspects of learning, teaching and assessment

Changes all the time of course……..

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using technology to support teaching & learning

Technology Enhanced Learning

using technology to support teaching & learning

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using technology to support teaching & learning

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using technology to support teaching & learning